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a mostly technical blog

Just a blog

Within specifications™ is our corner in the internet where we write about things we like —and stuff. Feel free to indulge.

Take everything with a grain of salt

We don't claim expertise, objectivity or infallibility. We stand behind what we write but if we are wrong, correct us. Just remember that opinions aren't facts.

30ohm is...

... in identity search phase. We currently do gigs in various tech fields but ultimately we want to concetrate our know-how in one area – one company; 30ohm. We will let you know when we can say more.

Buzz words

open source, embedded systems, sensor networks, internet of things, 3D printing, drones, engineering


The most difficult section because we are sure to forget someone.

  • Our theme is based on inc's incorporated theme.
  • Our software stack is open source. There are of course the big names (i.e Linux, Apache) but there are countless smaller projects that make the ecosystem.
  • Some images are from little visuals.